Packaged COTS Systems

COTS Systems for Mission and Safety-Critical Applications

Our packaged COTS systems are ready to be used out of the box and are easily adaptable to your needs. The ROCK™ product lines enable you to build on solid foundations and to focus on your application.

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Fully Integrated

Start developing right away without having to care about porting an operating system or developing a boot- loader, drivers and built-in-tests. We have done that for you already.


Whenever you are ready to deploy your application in the field, we are ready too. We have taken care of qualifying our systems to a number of military and commercial standards up front.


Choose the functions you need and start working on a solution that fits your requirements. Whenever you want, you can add or upgrade boards to cope with your desire to grow.



Based on 3U VPX, ROCK-2 is a suite of rugged, modular, pre-qualified, COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) Systems optimized for C4ISR applications, with the additional value proposition of being entirely safety certifiable.

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Based on the VNX standard (VITA 74), ROCK-3 provides a smaller, lighter, less power hungry cousin to ROCK-2 and communicates seamlessly with it. ROCK-3 extends the ability of system architects to deploy the right computing performances at the right Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) for any deployment.

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ROCK-2A is a development platform for ROCK-2 packaged COTS systems. It allows for early assessment of ROCK-2 technology.

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ROCK-3A is a development platform designed to assess and test VNX boards used in ROCK-3 as well as evaluating the VNX technology.

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