Exacting Markets Needing Rugged Products

Driven by a historical customer base we have grown our experience in building rugged products. Our engineering formula results in the highest levels of reliability for extended temperature, shock and vibration ranges.



C4ISR infrastructure provides civil and military commanders with real-time information needed to assess a situation, make decisions and communicate commands. C4ISR relies on mission computers gathering, processing and displaying data from a wide variety of sensors. CES’ portfolio of COTS building blocks provides the foundation of such mission computers.

Commercial Aviation


Commercial aircrafts utilize many computing systems to monitor and control the airframe, passenger comfort and entertainment. Any equipment supporting these functions needs to satisfy extreme reliability requirements. CES’ portfolio of COTS Safety-Certifiable building blocks is fully compatible with the expectations of this demanding industry.

Rugged Industrial


Rugged industrial deployments share many requirements with Aerospace systems: extended temperature shock and vibration range; resistance to moisture, fungus, corrosive atmospheres or explosive gas incursions. In response, CES’ portfolio provides specific technical solutions such as conduction-cooled boards and sealed enclosures.

Institutes & Research


Research organizations build and use some of the largest and most complex scientific instruments in the world. The success of their experiments depends on the reliable and concurrent operation of a large number of electronic equipment, in highly demanding environments. Since CES’ inception in 1981, our products meet these specifications.