Safety Certifiable

Safety Off-The-Shelf

Addressing the need for a fast, reliable and cost-effective path to develop safety-critical solutions; we offer COTS modules engineered to successfully pass safety certification.

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Why “Safety-Certifiable”

A certification process covers a complete aircraft and certification cannot be claimed on isolated sub-parts. Nevertheless, by applying design methods and selecting adapted technologies it is possible to develop “safety-certifiable” sub-units.

Highway to Certification

Along the design phase, every safety requirement is clearly formulated and carefully tracked to form design artifact packages. The design artifacts are used during the certification  process and ensure a successful path to certification of the final platform.

Safety by Design Concept

Right from the very beginning, we design our safety-certifiable COTS modules according to DO-254 and DO-178 guidance. It is the only way to ensure that safety is inherent to the product and not just a last minute add-on feature.


Safety-Certifiable up to the System Level

To leverage safety certifiability up to the system level, we design our COTS modules to work seamlessly together. This is the result of an approach in which system safety considerations are analyzed top-down.

Safety-Certifiable COTS Boards



3U OpenVPX™ Avionic Communication Interface Board



NXP QorIQ™ T2080 Processor XMC



3U OpenVPX™ Video I/O Graphics Processor