Ruggedization & Cooling

Built for Harsh Environmental Conditions

Controlled operational boundaries you can count on to meet the harsh environmental requirements of your application.

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All our products deliver the highest performances under harsh environmental constraints, i.e. extended temperature, shock, vibration and humidity ranges. They comply with the needs of Aerospace & Defense, Rugged Industrial and Commercial Aviation markets.

Constant Quality

Each and every product is tested in an environment simulating typical operational conditions. Thanks to our in-house manufacturing and extensive testing capabilities we have full traceability over the quality of our products. Therefore, you can rely on their operating range.

For the Lab and the Field

CES products allow for an effortless migration from air-cooled commercial equipment to rugged conduction- cooled equipment deployed in harsh environments. The air-cooled and the conduction-cooled versions are 100% compatible both in terms of electronic functionality and software.

CES Ruggedization Levels

Depending on the operational environment of the boards, we define four ruggedization levels following industry standards such as VITA-47 and established best practices of the industry.

The following table summarizes the four ruggedization levels defined by CES for board-level COTS products.

CES Level Description Cooling Type Operating Temperature Vibration (1 hour per axis) Operating Shocks
A1 General Purpose AC Forced Air* 0°C to 55°C [AC1] 5-100 Hz: increase at 3 dB/octave, 100-1000 Hz: 0.04 g2/Hz, 1000-2000Hz: decrease at 6 dB/octave [V2] 20g, 11ms saw- tooth, three axes [OS1]
A3 Rugged AC Forced Air* -40°C to 70°C [AC3]
C3 Rugged AC Conduction -40°C to 70°C [CC3] 5-100 Hz: increase at 3 dB/octave, 100-1000 Hz: 0.1 g2/Hz, 1000-2000Hz: decrease at 6 dB/octave [V3] 40g, 11ms saw- tooth, three axes [OS2]
C4 Extended Range CC Conduction -40°C to 85°C [CC4]

*The required air-flow is defined separately for each product.

Environmental Specifications Applicable to all CES Ruggedization Levels

Condition Limits, standards Comments
Non-operating temperature -55°C to 105°C [C4]
Humidity 95%
Altitude -1’500 to 60’000 feet May require conformal coating
Fungus resistance No nutrient materials
Workmanship IPC-A-160 class 3
Soldering IPC J-STD-001 class 3
PCB Manufacturing IPC-A-600 class 3
Conformal coating IPC-CC-830 Optional
Materials REACH compliant ROHS variants as an option
Flammability UL 94 Class V-0
Quality EN 9100:2008