Modified Cots

Tailored to Your Needs

We are committed to exactly match your requirements; whether by configuring existing products the way you want, adapting a COTS item or designing a full-custom product.

Tell As About Your Needs


Adaptation of COTS items

We are used to offer COTS products with adaptations like a specific routing or the addition/suppression of a function in a highly cost-effective manner.

Custom Computers and Boards

When standard COTS modules do not fulfill your requirements, we have the relevant expertise and experience to design full-custom boards and computing systems.

Custom solutions allow reaching particular performance, SWaP, safety or environmental requirements.


Product Configuration

Most of our products have a modular architecture. They are designed to be easily configurable. This includes mounting  and connecting options, programmable devices (FPGA, CPLD) as well as active and passive multiplexers.