Long Life Cycle Management

Today, Tomorrow, in 10 Years and Beyond

Whatever your strategy, we are at your side to extend the lifetime of your solutions.

As long as technically feasible, we commit to maintain and support established products, and we facilitate migration to new product generations with full backwards-compatibility.

Obsolescence management

That is a fact, obsolescence of key components happens. To prevent and anticipate supply shotages we put in place simple, yet efficient mechanisms that have been long time proven.


Multiple Sourcing

For critical components, we use multiple sources in order to ensure we never run out of a part.

Stock Management

We build parts inventories and stock them appropriately in our manufacturing premises.

Sourcing Independence

Whenever possible we use FPGAs to build core functions, thus, reducing dependency on specific components.

Backward Compatibility

Sometimes providing a replacement solution is inevitable. To ensure a cost-effective and smooth transition, we design our products to be backward compatible. You can always count on the next generation of a product.

Technology Insertion

To stay competitive it is mandatory to benefit from up-to-date technology, at any time. We anticipate future needs and architect our product lines to easily insert new technologies as they become available.